How to Make Money Playing Minecraft

Are you active on the Minecraft forums or make Minecraft videos on Youtube but don't have a partner account yet? Wish you got paid for it?

It's easier than you might think! And we can help you get started by giving your traffic or subscribers a boost!

The first (and easiest) way is by using the adfly service to shorten the urls you link to (any links, not just pages you own). Mod developers commonly use this service in their download links. Everytime someone clicks a link you posted, you earn money (around $4 per 1k clicks depending on the country).

Adfly will pay you for links in:
     - forums posts and signatures
     - youtube video descriptions and comments
     - social networking sites and email
     - pretty much any link

Sign up is simple (takes about 2 minutes) and all you need to sign up is an email address.

Here's how it works

Step 1 - Create your free account at

Step 2 - Shorten ANY url using their simple tool:

Step 3 - Post the short url anywhere and get paid every time it gets clicked (for the rest of your life)!

Bonus! - We will list the links or channels of anyone who signs up using this link!

We're offering a free traffic or subscriber boost from Minetube plus a lifetime cash stream for doing what you do already. Why wait?

You can sign up or learn more about the program here.